Long-term Change

My approach is aimed at addressing the root cause of problems, so changes can be made for a life-long gain. Early intervention is proven to improve the chances for children and young people, particularly if it occurs at a fundamental level leading to lasting change.

When you need extra support, it can be very useful to talk confidentially with a professional therapist. My psychotherapy and counselling provides an unbiased and safe approach.


In addition to improving the situation for the individual, the approach can improve their relationship with those who are in contact with the individual, such as family members or those in school. I also offer support and training to parents and professionals.


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Psychotherapy may help with:-

- Wellbeing and enthusiasm for life

- Behaviour, including a reduction in anger outbursts and aggression

- Ability to focus in school, college and university, achieving potential

- School, college and university attendance

- Peer and family relationships

- Levels of confidence  

- Adult’s understanding of the child/young person and their behaviour


Studies are increasingly demonstrating the link between early brain development and our behaviour and health later in life. Through psychotherapy, it may be possible to change the ways we think, feel, behave and relate. My approach can offer healing and help with the processing of issues, so the individual can move forward and achieve their potential.

Providing Support

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