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Helping Children Cope with Uncertainty

By Victoria, Mar 22 2020 09:12PM

Helping children with managing the uncertainty of what is going on is really important. Unfortunately in life there are many things that are uncertain and as humans we usually look for patterns, predictable experiences and concrete answers. Without these we can all feel lost and this can be especially overwhelming for children.

We can talk to children in helpful ways about this by explaining that it’s important to share the worry of the uncertainty and we can help to emotionally hold this for children so they don’t have to manage it alone.

It may be useful to direct their thoughts into positive times ahead, using art and creativity they may wish to make a drawing, list, mood board, Pintrest etc of things they are looking forward to. This may help to create a focus and sooth some of the uncertainty.

Please note that during this time I will be operating a remote therapy service in addition to the usual service I offer, so that children and young people can still have access to therapy during this difficult time. This is particularly important due to raised levels of anxiety and uncertainty.

If you are an adult who is concerned about your child I am offering telephone sessions as a means of support.

To discuss this further, please get in touch either by email: [email protected] or by telephone: 07867 433 558.

I am a child psychotherapist (UKCP Registered); a counsellor; arts and play therapist, covering Sussex, Surrey and Hampshire. You can contact me here.

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