My experience includes working for West Sussex County Council (WSCC) as a psychotherapist and in family support roles, running domestic abuse groups for children (designed by the NSPCC), parenting support groups and individual sessions, education and assessment.  I have facilitated groups such as Building Foundations, a countrywide parenting programme.   I am qualified to use the  Solihull Approach, Mellow Parenting and Child Parent Relationship Therapy (CPRT) methods for individual and group work.


I work alongside a variety of professionals including those in education, health and social care. Parenting or working with a child or young person with emotional problems can be very challenging. In my experience, often the most optimal outcomes have occurred when professionals and parents have been involved and worked as a team. I pride myself in my alliances with those I work with.  


I am aware of the current processes and frameworks in school for children who have additional emotional and health needs, such as Educational Health Care Plans.


I have provided evidence to court in a professional capacity and I am up to date with current legislation for child safeguarding and child safeguarding procedures, including Child Protection Conferences, Child Protection Plans, Child and Family Plans and Early Help


How would we know whether to make a referral?


Outward signs of someone who may benefit from psychotherapy could include the following: behaviour which is angry, loud, aggressive, obsessive, hyperactive or withdrawn, intense and tearful. Sleep and food intake may be problematic. Behaviour may be harmful towards self or others, or the person may be acting differently to how they are usually.  


If you are close to the person, such as a professional working with them, you may have noticed something you consider to be difficult to manage, strange or out of the norm. You may be concerned that they are getting into trouble, engaging in particular behaviours or becoming withdrawn. They may be spending long periods of time on one thing and be preoccupied. Their health, including mental health may have deteriorated.  


Psychotherapy, counselling, art and play therapy may be useful for someone who has a relatively straightforward problem or who needs extra support.


Additionally there may be more complex, deep rooted or multiple issues, which can be worked through in psychotherapy.


I am experienced in working with children, adolescents and families, and skilled in knowing how to listen and respond. I can advise on an approach based on the individual circumstances.


Why use my service?  


I aim to offer an independent, professional yet friendly service with a rare skill set of psychology and integrative psychotherapy for children and adolescents, combined with family work through assessment, education and support.


In addition to my private practice, I work in a variety of settings, including schools, clinics, child and family centres and hospitals.


Are the sessions confidential?


Yes, they are. However, when working with children it can be helpful for all involved if parents/carers and professionals are given a general overview, whilst ensuring the client's confidentiality. The content of feedback is based on individual factors relating to the client and can be discussed during the initial consultation.


Client safety and confidentiality is always a priority. I have a duty to report any safeguarding concerns in line with current Child Protection procedures.




I am registered with the UKCP. I am fully insured and Criminal Records Bureau checked.


Please contact me to find out more.


What services are offered?


As well as individual and group sessions with children and adolescents, the service includes therapy, support, training and education sessions for professionals, such as Reflective Space for Teaching Staff. As the nature of this work is usually bespoke, please contact me for more details.  


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