In light of the Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) I will be operating a remote therapy service in addition to the usual service, so that children and young people can still have access to therapy during this difficult time.  This is particularly important due to raised levels of anxiety and uncertainty.  If you are an adult who is concerned about your child  I am offering telephone sessions as a means of support. To discuss this further, please get in touch either by email: or by telephone: 07867 433 558.

I work with children and young people, I also offer support for parents and professionals.

Therapy sessions can help with common concerns such as tantrums, anger outbursts, hyperactive behaviour, bedtime routines, or problems at school such as with attendance, learning and friendships.  


It can also support more complex issues such as loss, trauma, neglect, post-traumatic stress, depression, eating and anxiety disorders or self-harm.


Please see this post for further information on signs that someone may benefit from psychotherapy.





I am a humanistic, attachment based therapist, this approach is aimed at addressing the root cause of difficulties through the therapeutic relationship. I have a warm, non-judgemental and sensitive approach and you will receive utmost confidentiality and sensitivity.  


Early intervention has shown to improve the chances for children and young people, with studies increasingly demonstrating the link between early brain development and wellbeing. Through psychotherapy, it may be possible to change the ways we think, feel, behave and relate. My approach can offer healing and help with the processing of issues, so that the young person may be better able to move forwards and achieve their potential.  


I also offer support and training to parents and professionals.


I adhere to General Data Protection Regulations (GPDR) and I am registered with the Information Commissioner's Office (Membership Number: ZA347065).





Referrals can be taken directly from families or through other agencies such as schools, local authorities and medical practices.


A wide range of issues are covered, please contact me here  to find out more.