Training is offered on attachment and the emotional needs of children and young people. It is designed to:


- Increase understanding and management of child and adolescent behaviour

- Foster a greater knowledge of how the emotional needs of young people affects their ability  to focus, achieve, form relationships

  and possess confidence and enthusiasm for life  




This may include information on how the following has an impact on learning and wellbeing:


- Emotional states: anger, fear, sadness and joy

- Attachment and bonding

- The emotional needs of children and adolescents

- Early brain development, the neuro-biology of attachment

- Trauma, neglect and loss

- Parental mental health

- The importance of boundaries


Training can be tailor-made to answer particular questions or to meet your requirements.

Support and Training                      


In addition to direct work with children, young people and families, I offer parenting support and training on the behaviour of children and adolescents. This is designed for parents, carers, teachers and other professionals. It can be standalone or alongside other therapy/support with a young person or family.


Support for Teachers


I offer sessions for whole or small groups of teachers as well as teacher training packages.  This can be in any school, not necessarily where I am providing therapeutic support to pupils.  Please contact me to find out more.


Please contact me to find out more.

Reflective Space for Teaching Staff                

In addition to working with children, teenagers and parents, I undertake sessions in schools with individual teachers/teaching staff or groups of teachers who may be finding some aspects of their role particularly difficult. It may be that something has occurred personally to a member of staff, or there may have been an incident or type of behaviour in school from one of the pupil’s that has challenged staff in new ways. There could be a young person with a complex life history and teachers would like to think about how better to support this pupil in school. Perhaps school morale has changed or there are some divisions in thinking between staff members.


This service can help support teaching staff by reflecting on the difficult areas of their role and connect with how attachment and neuroscience will be impacting the child’s behaviour. I can also facilitate how this impacts the school as a system, particularly ways in which professionals can be impacted by the trauma of the children they work with and how to manage this.


Thinking this through and gaining more knowledge on secondary trauma can help staff groups to feel more confident, become better equipped to take on their daily challenges and feel more optimistic about their role and the team. This in turn will have a positive impact on the pupils and the ethos of the school.


These sessions can be one-off’s, for example after a specific event or booked on a more routine basis depending on what would be most useful.


Please note that I do not have to be working with pupils in the school to undertake these reflective sessions.


It may be that just a staff member or a couple of members of staff wish to talk something through, or that it would be useful to look at secondary trauma in a bigger group, such as during a staff meeting. Therefore these sessions are flexible and can be adapted depending on the presenting issue/s.