I work with children and young people, I also offer support for parents and professionals.

Therapy sessions can help with common concerns such as tantrums, anger outbursts, hyperactive behaviour, bedtime routines, or problems at school such as with attendance, learning and friendships.  


It can also support more complex issues such as loss, trauma, neglect, post-traumatic stress, depression, eating and anxiety disorders or self-harm.


Please see this post for further information on signs that someone may benefit from psychotherapy.





Through the therapeutic relationship my approach is aimed at addressing the root cause of difficulties.  Early intervention has shown to improve the chances for children and young people.


Studies are increasingly demonstrating the link between early brain development and wellbeing. Through psychotherapy, it may be possible to change the ways we think, feel, behave and relate. My approach can offer healing and help with the processing of issues, so the individual can move forward and achieve their potential.


When you need extra support, it can be useful to talk confidentially with a professional therapist. My psychotherapy and counselling service aims to provide an unbiased, nonjudgemental approach.


In addition to improving the situation for the individual, psychotherapy can improve relationships with others.


I also offer support and training to parents and professionals.


I have undertaken roles as a supervisor; tutor and examiner on child counselling courses.





Referrals can be taken directly from families or through other agencies such as schools, local authorities and medical practices.


A wide range of issues are covered, please contact me here  to find out more.