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Creativity as a Tool Connecting Mind, Body and Imagination

By Victoria, Feb 14 2021 08:26PM

I recently attended a fantastic conference through Pesi UK based on the need for creativity and imagination, especially in relation to healing trauma and providing wellness to us all, regardless of our backgrounds.

Presenters of the conference included Lemn Sissay and Bessel van der Kolk. Lemn discussed how creativity had literally ’saved my life’ and talked about how we can build children’s sense of self worth through the very act of creating. Art enables children to feel seen and be witnessed.

This is not about the end result and critiquing what has been made.

Instead, the healing and self-worth comes from engaging in the process, the ‘doing’ the art, the experimentation and the use of the imagination. Despite what may come at the end.

I am thinking about how crucial creativity and imagination is for children, particularly at this time. Helping children to access their creative spirit and artful connections is key to the therapy that I offer, however, this can take place in any setting - such as making use of what is available at home or looking to nature to encourage the imagination.

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