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Children In Care

Micheal Sheen has been highlighting the plight of our children in care through a documentary and writing for the BBC.

Children enter the care system through no fault of their own and are often in a state of trauma. Micheal’s research led him to find that some children in care were living in B&B’s, hostels, tents or even sleeping rough.

Social workers are, facing a ‘crisis’ to find suitable places.

Hope bravely speaks out about her experience of being exploited and becoming ‘a child of the state’, she discusses how she felt homeless, lost and with no idea of what would happen to her future.

It can be difficult and painful to consider how children end up in the care system and what happens next for them, but unfortunately it is a very real situation.

Out of the 12 million children living in England, just under 400,000 (3%) are in the social care system at any one time. More than 80,000 of these children are children in care.

Michael Sheen: Lifting the lid on the care system’ is on BBC iPlayer now

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