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Rise in Smoking in Young People

Updated: Dec 15, 2021

The journal of Addiction has outlined a rise in young adults who have taken up smoking over the pandemic. Research suggests that there may be over 600,000 extra adults now smoking, although some of those already smoking used the pandemic as a reason to quit. Addictions are complex and can be difficult to overcome, stress is an important factor and this may also explain the increase in alcohol consumption over the past 18 months.

If you are concerned about a young person; their levels of stress or difficulties coping with every day life, you may want some support as a means to help them. They may also benefit from some time in therapy to discuss what is going on with someone unrelated to their day-to-day life.

It may feel difficult and rejecting if your child wishes to confide in someone else, but this can be an important communication that they don’t wish to burden or worry those they love - part of the healing can be leaving difficult thoughts and feelings in the therapy room, so-to-speak, so that they can go home feeling differently, with the sense of leaving a problem behind or in a safe place that they can revisit the following week.

Sessions and meetings are confidential, I am here to listen to your concerns whatever they may be: I offer a non-judgemental, emotionally warm and safe place to work things through.

I am a child psychotherapist (UKCP Registered); a counsellor; arts and play therapist, covering Sussex, Surrey and Hampshire. You can contact me here

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